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LandPro Development Group's Strength

Our team that brings 30+ years of relationships in the area. It is through leveraging these relationships that we often get the first shot at prime real estate opportunities from the land owners. In addition we have an extensive amount of relationships within the local political community that we enter. In our opinion, this is essential in getting anything accomplished from an entitlement perspective. Lastly we also have a number of relationships within the various governmental agencies that help us work through and expedite the federal governmental policies.



LandPro Development Group, LLC

Welcome to LandPro Development Group, LLC a major private land acquisition group located in California with assets nationwide.



LandPro Development Group's Goal

Management at LandPro brings talents together to form a synergistic real estate company outside the paradigm. Ultimately creating real estate opportunities by cultivating strong relationships.

The LandPro approach is what gives LandPro its competitive advantage. This approach involves finding and cultivating relationships with local land owners, engineers and city officials. By maintaining these relationships, LandPro can more effectively mitigate risk and keep resources and processes on track and on time.

These relationships allow LandPro to acquire sites, primarily not on the market, and use our extensive experience to remedy entitlement issues. This methodology allows LandPro to deliver a clean and approved project for the end users.